Pumpkin Dessert

Spread to the world from North America, pumpkins have a great number of variety and each has different recipes. The type we will use in this recipe is the Jarrahdale Pumpkin.

Most of the squash family are suitable for this recipe. If you try it with different types, please send us a message and photos so that we can publish them.

This is such an easy recipe that, you cannot find it in important Ottoman Kitchen recipe books. Nevertheless, this does not change the fabulous taste. Continue reading Pumpkin Dessert

Ottoman Poorman’s Salad

Although it is named as a salad, I think this dish qualifies as a warm mezze, or a warm starter. This recipe is from the cookbook of Mahmud Nedim bin Tosun. It is easy to make.

The taste of the dish differs much between warm and cold and I strongly recommend it warm. So, eat it as soon as it is served, don’t let it cool too much. Continue reading Ottoman Poorman’s Salad

Stinging Nettles with Eggs

This recipe is the kind that goes around by the word of mouth.  It is a commoner’s food from Ottoman times.

I had this in 70’s in Tokat, Turkey. My chef, late Fahriye Hanim, told me that she had learned this recipe from her grandmother’s grandmother.

Last week I found some stinging nettles in the bazaar and remembered her and the recipe she gave me. So, I bought some and ran home to cook it. It is not an impressive taste, but a nice change. So, I recommend this if you are looking for something different. Continue reading Stinging Nettles with Eggs

Oven Kebab

This recipe is from the time when tomatoes made their entrance to the Ottoman Cuisine and found themselves a wide usage area. Tomato can change the chemistry of the meals quite profoundly with incredible ease. So, it had entered the Ottoman kitchen easily. Oven Kebab is one of the earlier recipes using them. Continue reading Oven Kebab

Ottoman Rice Pudding with Clotted Cream

This recipe is from a 17th century book called Kitabü’t-Tabbahin. In Turkish rice pudding is called Sütlaç, which literally means meal with milk. It is a very versatile meal or dessert. You can find recipes for sweet or savory varieties. Continue reading Ottoman Rice Pudding with Clotted Cream

Ottoman Ashure – Noah’s Pudding

This recipe is from Ağdiye Risalesi by Dürrizade Nurullah Mehmed Efendi.

As with all things, ashure has also changed throughout the passing centuries. For example, broad beans were once a staple ingredient, but you cannot find them in any of the modern recipes. Continue reading Ottoman Ashure – Noah’s Pudding

Lamb Stew with Bitter Tomato

This recipe dates back to 1844. The original recipe does not specify which type of bitter tomato is to be used, so I used the ones I could find.

Bitter Tomato, Solanum aethiopicum, has different cultivars. Different types may end in different tastes, so, if you try any of them, please share your experience with us through comments section below, or send a message through contact page. Continue reading Lamb Stew with Bitter Tomato

Yogurt Soup

This recipe is from Mahmud Nedim’s book dating back to 1898. The original name is Ayran Soup, and Ayran is a drink prepared by diluting yogurt and adding salt to taste. The other names for the soup are yogurt soup with wheat and cold soup. I first tasted it on a farmland at a lunch and has become my favourite summer soup for years to come. It is a life saver when you need a quick meal if you have it in the fridge. Continue reading Yogurt Soup

Blackberry Compote

This recipe for blackberry compote is by Mahmud Nedim bin Tosun, from his recipe book which was published in 1898. He notes in the book that this recipe can be used just as same for red currants.

Blackberry compote is an all-around crowd-pleaser. I haven’t met anyone who didn’t like it, yet. Here, take a look at this easy recipe. Continue reading Blackberry Compote

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