Lamb Stew with Bitter Tomato

This recipe dates back to 1844. The original recipe does not specify which type of bitter tomato is to be used, so I used the ones I could find.

Bitter Tomato, Solanum aethiopicum, has different cultivars. Different types may end in different tastes, so, if you try any of them, please share your experience with us through comments section below, or send a message through contact page. Continue reading Lamb Stew with Bitter Tomato

Yogurt Soup

This recipe is from Mahmud Nedim’s book dating back to 1898. The original name is Ayran Soup, and Ayran is a drink prepared by diluting yogurt and adding salt to taste. The other names for the soup are yogurt soup with wheat and cold soup. I first tasted it on a farmland at a lunch and has become my favourite summer soup for years to come. It is a life saver when you need a quick meal if you have it in the fridge. Continue reading Yogurt Soup

Blackberry Compote

This recipe for blackberry compote is by Mahmud Nedim bin Tosun, from his recipe book which was published in 1898. He notes in the book that this recipe can be used just as same for red currants.

Blackberry compote is an all-around crowd-pleaser. I haven’t met anyone who didn’t like it, yet. Here, take a look at this easy recipe. Continue reading Blackberry Compote

How to Select Fresh Produce and the Best Ingredients

How do you choose your vegetables, fresh greens, eggs, meat and other ingredients? What are the factors to consider when choosing vegetables? How do you decide which packet of chicken or frozen food you will buy?

Selecting the best ingredients is the key to a delicious meal; how hard you work on them afterwards has a lesser effect on the outcome. Continue reading How to Select Fresh Produce and the Best Ingredients

Köse Pilaf

This pilaf recipe is from Mahmud Nedim’s book, Head Chef. It is a pilaf made using a different technique than what is generally used in modern Turkey, which is cooking the rice with exact amount of water so that you will not need to strain it afterwards.

This pilaf looks like ordinary rice pilaf in the photo, but there is a difference in the taste. Also, as mentioned in the notes section, the cooking technique ensures that the rice does not stick together. Continue reading Köse Pilaf

Meatballs with Parsley in Sour Sauce – Ottoman Style

Here is another recipe from the book Melceü’t-Tabbahin. Meatballs with parsley. You may already know how to cook meatballs with parsley, but this one is Ottoman style. Not only is it prepared differently, but its taste is also different than regular meatballs. Continue reading Meatballs with Parsley in Sour Sauce – Ottoman Style

Green Bean Fritters

As I mentioned in a previous fritters recipe, Ottomans did not know the zucchini fritters which is the only one we cook in modern Turkey. But they made different fritters with a variety of ingredients, which are almost completely forgotten. This green bean fritters recipe is from the book Melceü’t-Tabbahin. Continue reading Green Bean Fritters

Medfune – Eggplant and Meat in Sour Sauce

This recipe is from the book Ağdiye Risalesi. A very light meat dish which can be enjoyed even in the hottest summer evenings. It is delicious and easy to digest. It also is low on calories as no oil or fat is used in its making. Furthermore, salt is only used in the water in which you boil the eggplants. Continue reading Medfune – Eggplant and Meat in Sour Sauce

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