Stuffed Apple

Stuffed Apple is an autumn meal from the book of Şirvani, written in 1299. It is one of the three apple recipes given in the book. This delicious meal is demanding but you will find out that it is well worth the effort.


Stuffed Apple

Difficulty: 9 out of 10
Servings 6


  • 600 gr. dark grapes or half a liter of grape juice
  • 650 - 750 gr. lamb meat
  • 150 - 200 gr. almonds
  • 150 -200 gr. walnuts
  • 6 apples
  • 100 -150 gr. apricots
  • 250 gr. lamb mince
  • 1,5 - 2 teaspoon sumac
  • 1,5 - 2 tablespoon rice
  • Oil type depends on choice
  • Salt
  • Ground black pepper


  1. Put the rice in a bowl and add some salt. Pour hot water on it and leave it to rest.
  2. Put the almonds in hot water for their skins to separate.
  3. Pour the grape juice in a sauce pan, add 3 tea spoons of sumac and put it on heat to boil. Stir once in a while for the sumac to blend with the grape juice.
  4. Chop the apricots to your taste; wide or thin.
  5. Chop the almonds after peeling their skins. You can chop them in a food chopper if you like.
  6. Chop the walnuts, as well, with a food chopper.
  7. Cut the apples about 1 cm. below the stem. Hollow them out. Put the hollowed apples in water with lemon juice, so that they will not oxidize and get darker. Remove the seeds from the parts that you cut out of the apples and put the remaining apple pieces in the same water.
  8. Sieve the grape juice to remove the sumac.
  9. Time to cook the meat. In Ottoman cuisine meat is almost always fried. They used to fry lamb meat in tail fat or butter. If you prefer you can use either olive oil or another kind of oil.
  10. Once the meat is cooked, add in half of the grape juice you prepared before. Wait for meat to absorb the liquids. Prepare the stuffing in the meanwhile.
  11. Drain the rice.
  12. Add some black pepper and the rice to the mince meat. They will make up the stuffing.
  13. Do not fill the apples to the top, because the rice will swell. Don't push in too hard, otherwise the stuffing will be hard when cooked.
  14. Once the meat absorbs the liquids, add the leftover apple pieces, chopping them into small bits. Place the stuffed apples on top and leave them to cook.
  15. You can use the top pieces you cut from the apples as covers to the stuffing. But add the middle parts to the meat after removing the seeds.
  16. Add some oil to the meat. Add the almonds and apricots at this time or 10 minutes before turning the heat off. We recommend adding the remaining grape juice, almonds and apricots at this time.
  17. Add a splash of boiling water, cover the skillet and let it cook.
  18. Start with high heat and then decrease to low heat, for a total of 45 minutes to 1 hour. Once the liquids are reduced, take the apples to a plate, sprinkle with the chopped walnuts and serve.
  19. Enjoy.


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